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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Kansas City: BBQ, History and TOYS!

♪ ♪ I'm going to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come 
I'm going to Kansas City, ♪ Kansas City here I come 
They got some crazy lil' women there 
And I'm kind-dasorta one. ♪♪

OK, OK, rest assured, I will eventually stop introducing cities with whatever local-centric songs pop into my head. I'm damned near sure I'll stop sometime prior to reaching the age of 95 so just hang on & consider yourself warned. Where was I? Oh yeah, yesterday we arrived in Kansas City late in the day, staying at a motel in the KC burbs. We got a late start today, as per usual, and decided to begin today's outdoor adventures with some geunine Kansas City BBQ. Our first choice was nixed because there were zero cars in the parking lot - wth, right? The 'winner' was Slap's BBQ.
It's Slap Yo' Mama Good

I chose a 'meat plate' with... with EVERYTHING

When I saw William's meat plate I WANTED those ribs!
Hungry & Pleased Nephie!
My eyes continue to be bigger than my stomach, but Wills helped me out with that. Once thoroughly stuffed, we headed out to take a driving tour of Kansas City, and to figure out how we'd spend the day.

As we drove, I told William how my paternal Grandfather, Will's paternal Great-grandfather William S. Miller, emigrated to Kansas City from Jamaica. It was in Kansas City that our ancestor was naturalized as an American citizen in 1899. It was also there he joined the Kansas Colored Infantry going on to become a Buffalo Soldier, and fight in the Spanish American War in Cuba.

I also told Wills how I always dreamed of investigating Gramp's history in Kansas City in the city's archives. So, when we accidentally drove in the vicinity of one of KC's public libraries, I went nuts! I was going to live the dream!

Kansas City Public Library
William S. Miller, where art thou?

So with the help of a kind librarian, we searched the city's microfiche files. Did we find any valuable info? Sadly, nope. But just because one's wishes are granted doesn't mean one's wishes meet all expectations. We didn't discover anything out Grand-dad. RATS! Maybe next my next dream...

Yet again, I was indulged, and our next stop was The National Museum of Miniatures and Toys. WHOO HOOOO!  Due to our late start at the museum, we had but a scant hour before the museum would close for the day, so we had to bussle.

National Miniature and Toy Museum
Wow... I was bummed about having so little time, so I took fifty zillion photos (yes, fifty zillion) so I can examine each & every little thing in future & at my leisure. So what photos to show off here, with myself thoroughly in love with every danged thing the museum has on display? UGH!

These detailed & amazing fans are about an inch wide
This grand castle room could fit in a shoe box
The toys were any toy you can think of, from Steiff stuffies to...
Recent and current modern toys
I show these Beatles dolls because the Beatles have accompanied us on this trip and I'm loving it. I could easily have spent a full day in this museum but perhaps I'll get another crack at it some day.

Loved this mini-Elizabethian dress & bedroom - sooooo intricate!

Oooo! I have some ensy waterfowl like these inch long
beauties myself. Wish I could have these too
Totally enjoyed the Toy & Miniature Museum - why? Eh... because I love minis & love toys. Here's a good example why. I loved the mini ensy plains Indian toys/objects d'art below. In particular, note the plains horse in full regalia. 

Plains Indian minis at museum
Below is my own attempt at outfitting a Breyer toy horse in Nez Pierce tribe tack. See how I love minis?
My 'Steps High' mini appaloosa mare
 Visiting the museum showed me how tiny things can be made, is only limited by one's imagination.

Many Awesome Dolls
And show stopping Doll Houses
So I could go on for days about the doll houses but I won't. When our whirlwind tour was done, we visited the gift shop, where miraculously I bought not one item... that is only because there was nothing for sale that matched what I'd seen on display & for that, my pocketbook is grateful.

Next we drove around taking in the scenery. How fun, that after seeing everything in miniature, we first ran across something in HUMONGUS scale.
People admiring a gigantic shuttlecock on
the lawn at the Nelson-Atkin's Museum of Art

Parking, we walked the Art Museum's grounds.
It was fun telling each other our interpretation of the ground's many art sculptures
I see an Afghan hound playing the drums, how about you?
Another massive bit of art, a near one storey high creepy spider on a lawn! It carries a nest of white marble eggs and is said to represent... motherhood. 
Representing motherhood as in Morticia Adams perhaps
William captured this statue through a convenient wall tunnel thingie
Never suspected not-so-little Kansas City has so much statuary.
Bellerophon Taming Pegasus
Kansas City is proving to be way more interesting than I've ever suspected. Maybe Granddad William had good reasons for moving to this grand old city. And as the day's shadows grew longer, we continued exploring Kansas City into the night... more on that in the next post.

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