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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Baltimore by the Sea

The historic El Galeón
Today Kirk drove Dolores Bea and me to a suburban light rail station. We took the light rail to a stop, not to far from the Baltimore Harbor.

Dolores, Bea & Kirk as we hoof it to the harbor
Lunch was first on our afternoon agenda.  We had wonderful seafood for our lunches as well as a great view of the harbor & even the water taxi.

The replica ship, El Galeón was in harbor & open for touring. Bea and I decided to risk being shanghaied, and went aboard for look-see.

Bea bravely waves bye-bye
My new paper tattoo

Landbubbers Kirk & Dolores stayed on dry ground

There were some schinanagins when Bea and I had to leave the ship for a sec,  to get stickers that allowed us to board the ship.On board we discovered the historic El Galeón is a replica of the 16th - 17th century galleon that sailed out of Spain. The ship has sailed around the world and if you're adventurous enough, you can even apply to earn your sea legs on board as the ship continues to navigate the globe.
Aboard the main deck
Captain's Quarters
The red Round Building 
 Dolores and Bea had an interest in seeing the recently opened Sagamore Pendry Hotel, which I think the current 'spot to be seen' so to speak. So we decided to risk a high seas adventure and we boarded a water taxi on the Yellow Route,
A Yellow Route Water Taxi
Ready to go on the Aquatic Boat Share
Shoreside attraction
The famous National Aquarium 
Lovely Flags of Baltimore
Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Maritime Park
 The trip over to the Fell's Point dock was refreshing, and we were soon scrambling ashore.

Approaching Fell's Point
The Brick facade of the Sagamore Pendry
Looking up at the Sagamore
 The Sagamore has an amazing interior with facinating artwork.

The scary Halloween-ish entrywalkway
 The long hall had interesting artwork lining it, that ran the gamut from

...having barfed up Oxford's dictionary, to...

Op-art that moved & put you spot onto the Twilight Zone. 
Ought to have video taped that last one - so cool.

Stroll through the atrium
The unnamed Sagamore Horsie statue
At the end of this inner garden is a tiny hall with another wonderful bit of op-art, and this time I filmed it. This is NOT me hoovering over a swimmer, this is on a wall as I face it.

Pendry's Pool, for guests of course, is probably the 9th wonder of the world. Myself, I'd only only have the nerve to swim in it under cover of darkness.

NOT my photo... forgive me Internet guardians
Enjoyed our tour of the Pendry Sagamore.
Some of us had a little sit down after our hotel walking 
We headed back to Fell's Landing but before boarding the Water Taxi, and a walk back to the Light Rail station. The Fell's Point Creamery is there, and solely in an effort to support local business we had ice cream. Not that our day could have been any sweeter.

Dolores handles the toughest question
 of our day - vanilla or butter pecan?

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