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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Český Krumlov Afternoon

Český Krumlov, a UNESCO World Heritage Centre, Czech Republic
Getting off the bus after arriving in Český Krumlov, I thought, what the heck? We were in a massive bus parking lot and to my annoyance all I could see was, I faced an uphill trek. My travel buddy Jo had already disappeared around a bend. Perpetually annoyed, I trudged after her, up, up and up, Then, from the crest of a winding street, I saw why we were here at Jo's insistence, in the first place. For spread out below me was the Vltava River, wending its way through the 16th century city of Český Krumlov (top photo).
Enroute, after my up hill, over dale trek, I'm nearly there
Continuing to traverse up hill and eventually over dale  took me over onto old cobbled streets. 

Jo (yellow sweater) approaching bridge by the Hotel Růže
16th century bridge 
A lot of water has flowed under this old bridge
Towards the Vltava River 
After crossing the bridge we continued walking down the pedestrian only, narrow cobbled road that led to the town square.

Walking the old cobbled street 
 there were more pretty views down on the river
and many beautiful upward views too

There were many cute shops and things along the way.
Shop of new, old-fashioned, wooden toy shop
Eyed but un-purchased jewelry i.e., Claire Candy
Why, oh why didn't I buy this adorable & playful, Claire oriented necklace?
Oh yeah... '
cause I'm not wealthy.
I do restrain meself on buying souvenirs but the festive Ukrainian Easter eggs? Oooo I'd have bought one if there was a chance in hell I could have transported it around for 2 weeks without breaking it.
Purdy, purdy eggies ist deh precious...

And in case, you, like meself, wonder on the origin of goblins, here is our answer. They come from a little shop on Kaplická.

Photo from Google Maps

We'd bitten off a lot of sightseeing for one day as this morning we'd started  the day at the Ceske Budejovice Castle. That means there was no time for extensive exploration, and feeling a bit worn we had a late lunch at a restaurant in the town square.

From our dining spot, the centuries old, six-sided fountain was visible. It was decorated with saints that protect the town from the plague - yes, that plague

Duel purpose Fountain on the Square: water supply and plague repellent
After our late lunch, Jo and I took the bus, then a taxi back to our hotel. There we picked up our luggage from the conserge, then it was back to the Ĉeské Budějovice train station. There, we boarded a train for Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic.

All Aboard!
 We finally arrived, after dark, at the central Prague train station. It is as modern a facility as Český Krumlov is medieval. 

By a sort of dumb luck I'm becoming used to, the train station is kitty corner to our hotel: Vienna House Easy Chopin. Soon I was snug in a cute room with all of today's journal writing to catch up on.

Much tinier room than the room at the Grand Zvon, but just as clean & cute 

The wardrobe and amenities, coffee maker, etc.

Where ever I get a hotel room, I generally try to get some photos. Helps keep the post-vacation memories fresh.

cute bathroom with huge shower stall

The fresher your memories, the more times you can mentally enjoy your vacation over and over again.

Nighty night Jo Beach!
And you better believe, however tired my journaling was done.

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