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Thursday, March 17, 2016

A Visit to Meridian Ranch

The Shop at Meridian Ranch with its blossoming, sweet Wisteria
It's Spring when hearts turn to thoughts of lamb snuggling. Robin, who owns and runs Meridian Ranch, was sweet enough to let Barbara, Judy and meself, invite ourselves over for a visit.

The welcoming committee; dear veteran Rusty, lady Maggie and high energy girly-pup Ginny.

We arrived a few minutes before Robin returned from errands.
We were off to the barn to see what new lambs hit the ground this past day or two.

On the way we pasted a field where lambs born earlier in the month were with their mothers.

Jacob ewes and their lambs, born maybe in late Feb/early March 
Meanwhile, in the barn, Ewes were penned with their less-than-a-day old lambs. Some ewes had single lambs.

Four-horned Ewe with her beautiful offspring
Some ewes were a little show offish with twins.
Two horned Ewe with twins
There are a number of triplets too, but didn't get any photos of them today. Singles, twins and triplets, if there was bragging to be done, there were some proud Daddy Rams just out back.
Check out the massive horns on these sires!
And one need not actual give birth to or sire a lamb to show some well deserved pride in it.
Robin, who has some pride in those adorable lambs too
Robin at the barn log

Robin is a wonder. Keeps her books, breeds the sheep (without removing her pants!), delivers lambs when necessary and nurses any ailing animals. She has to make important decisions regarding her Jacobs flock on the fly, and of course, keeps records of all of the above. Pm am average morning, Robin still gets more done than the U.S. Army manages in an average week. Way-to-go Robin!

We got to watch Robin weigh in a new lamb that was born during the night. She has a little routine for each of the newborns, making sure each lamb is up, healthy and nursing freely. She even has to treat their little umbilical cords to prevent the lambs from getting infected. Here is the adorable little ewe and lamb we got to see go through the afore mentioned routine. If you look at the tiny black lamb below, you can see she still has her umbilical cord. Her Mom is a lilac spotted ewe with four horns - so very cool.
Love the tossled white hair on this lamb's head, like a Disney character.
Enough edu-fying, time for some lamb snugglin'!

Judy enjoying a new lamby
Barbara getting in some cuddles
When we were done lamb nuzzling, we all walked back to Robin's shop. We all chatted, then Robin reminded us in early April, there will be a 'Meet the Sheep Day'. I think I'd like to attend it this year, but we'll see.
Shop Chat
That's it for our little visit to the ranch. Here is a brief video featuring Judy and Ginny-the-wonder pup. This vid, for once, darned near tells a story - of sorts - which is rare for any video produced by Chez Claire Productions. Enjoy!

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