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Thursday, March 17, 2016

A Quick Visit to Annie's Annuals

Yay, a visit to Annie's Annuals!
My friend Barbara and I were visiting her Aunt, & my friend, Judy in Napa. On leaving, it was decided that a visit to Annie's Annuals was in order. Annie's is a massive nursery that always has facinating plants for sale. Myself, I decided not to buy any plants, because if there were an ASPCP (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Plants), I would be first up on their most wanted list. As much as my mother had a green thumb, my thumb seems to specialize in plant neglect.
Only a portion of the massive Annie's grounds
I like the 'trick' plants at Annie's. You know, the plants that are just cute for their size, shape or habits. Here's a plant called 'Minnie Mouse'. I think it was my favorite flower, for today, anyway.

Minnie Mouse flowers!
Bluest of Blue Honeywort
I never even gotten Hollyhocks to sprout!
I tromped up one side of the nursery and down the other, in and out of the greenhouses. I was getting in my walking for the day, and stretching my legs before the long drive, through Bay area highway traffic which can turn a freeway into a parking lot. Ugh! One needs to sniff the roses before attempting such a drive.
Red seemed to be my favored color for the day

Poppies, red enough to please a wicked witch 
No color at all, really, but pretty none-the-less
Love these 'ashes of roses' tinted Poppies
There are some cool gardening ideas at Annie's too.

Voila! From hunk of junk to clever 'Object de Arte'

A cow - uh... so you can replenish your soil after milking it for all it's worth
Angel Froggie to guard against mosquitos in your garden pond
I walked a fair amount and soon Barbara had chosen some new sprouts for her own spectactular container garden and it was time to head on south.  
Annie's Annuals Exit

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