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Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Fairing I Did Go

A fortnight ago, I did realize I  do not take outings as often as in earlier times. Hence, I fester away at home: know we thus, all fuss and no play a dull lady maketh. So taking note recently that a younge friend of mine had recently gone a'fairing, I rallied meself for a like journey. With scant resource of tyme I did make a miracle, did scavenge up my olde bodice & lacing, skirts, brass pins, ribbans and other accouterments so as to scarper forth with style.

It was at least ten years hence last I frollicked at the Northern California Renaissance Faire. Sadly, the governors of the Faire, set the faire tyme from August through the day of Labor, all too hot for soul such as meself. In recent years the Faire folk did repair their error of days.  Now the Faire thrives from Mid-September to this late day of October- Huzzah! True,  t'is still on the warm side, but still, in these autumnal days oft blows a fair wind in corners of the shire of Willingtown.

Merry shire folk did greet Faire-goers at the entrance with a wink and a smile
I arrived at the shire early in the day, securing my entrance ticket. I soon noted two rascals who did ask a faire-goer to hold a keg - one large & of suspicion. Then, one schemers did apply steel and flint to striketh by the top o' the keg, in attempt to lyte a FUSE of rope! I laughed heartily at the poor faire-goer who did looke rather to prefer, all of his bits and bobs attached to his person, not scattered to the four winds.

A lively pair of Rascals with a keg most suspicious...

Oh such fun was at hand. I found a lady Austringer with her fine Hawk, a handsome fellow. I put to her many queries about her most beauteous fowle.

And too, I did met this young maid falconer with her adorable Kestrel, laiden with tiny jesses a setting upon her wee gloved fist.

I was a-going t'wixt stage & theaters to view songsters and thespians alike. My first stop was to watch exotic dancers of the belly, at the Romany Centre Stage.
Belly Dancers! My favorites at the Faire

Whenever I sit at the faire, I keep my hands busy with my spindle, to maketh yarn, least winter find me with no yarn for proper socks. T'was difficult indeed to spin though when viewing Manly Men in Tights on the Royal Garden Stage. T'was easier there to stay in stitches than to produce such!

Men. In. TIGHTS!
A pleasing pastime at the faire be shopping of which I did much, eyeing cunning hats, fashionable jewelry and such, without once opening my purse - until it chanced my eyes did chance on a most pretty pair of slippers. They were much more in keeping with the spirit of the faire than what I wore - my dumpy olde 'sneakers'. The shoppe keeper did assist me in climbing onto a throne. Removed he my sneakers that I might try on the splendid black suede footwear. By the time he had laced them up, I did buy them on the spot, asking, ' I pray thee good Sire, would thee ship my old trainers to my hovel in Oaks Faire?'

'Good lady, I should with all haste,' he did reply, 'with a small fee for the shipping.'

The deal was struck. I sallied forth, my feet shod in prettiest slippers, so comfortable they felt custom made by fairies of the shire.

Are my new footwear not the daintiest size tens upon which you have ever laid your bonnie eyes?

Yeomen of Her Majesty's Guard
 I was lucky enough to catch a procession of her Majesty's royal court, but alas! I was too late to catch of glimpse of good Queen Bess. God's Teeth, can thou believe my most rotten luck?

Oh! Note the huge Cyclops in the background - hit a puck, ring the bell (his eye) for a prize
Following the parade I ventured forth to a place most wicked - the Salty Siren Stage were the devil's brews be served and no good folk beneath the age of twenty and one be permitted. The Sea Dogs, a most lusty lot were performing and again I laughed so heartily I could scarse tend my spinning. The main task set afore the Sea Dogs seemed to be teach their audience naughty words of Renaissance times. As they sang naughty dogerals, held they aloft signs so we of the audience could shout out key words and share a fecking good - Oh, pardon, I forget me manners - laugh. "Sing out LOUD for the dear children across this theater on the Merry go Round!" didst the wicked sailors & sea wenches shout. La, how shrieked us to a one, loud enough to knock bairnes onto their wee bums.
The dear lass on the right had a peg leg! No doubt from an encounter with a pirate.
How concerned they were to discipline their wee ape!
Cheeks red with the boisterous talk, I exited the ale halls and sallied forth again. Again I missed a prime event of the day - Her Majesty's Tournament of horses. Alas, I had to borrow this painting of the goodly knights at the joust on a previous Faire day.

I did visit with a lovely mare near the tournament area - she had the most friendly nicker and allowed me to stroke her silvery mane.  In the stall nearby stood a most fine black steed of Holland, with a young groom by his side.  How I love the scent of fine horse flesh on the autumn aire.
Industrious lord and lady of the court
I did sit upon a hay bale and spin in the company of my betters, the lord and lady of the court, who did practice their gentle arts of needlework and leather craft. 

A cloven-hooved faun talking unto a strange devyse
In the late morning I was a bit peaky so ate a gelato and a soft pretzel, so hot. T'was not victuals of the Renaissance, but it filled me belly none-the-less. And in late afternoon I ventured to the food vendor area there to enjoy an early dinner.

After my mini-feast, I espyed several lords and ladies, in the centre of the vast food court,  a'staring at the sod. What could be amiss? Venturing forth, what did I find, but this wee fellow, who seemed unperturbed by his betters. Now there was an industrious fellow indeed! Why-ever did it not occur to me to record a wide view of this wee & furry lorde with his surrounding court of admirers?

Then by our sides broke out there a mighty tug of war! Passersby leapt in to grasp the rope to advance their newly adopted side, east or west. It was a steadfast struggle which I joined not, but endeavored to cheer on those stalwart souls to the east.

At my bidding, the east side WON!
Soon the faire sun fell low in the sky, and I headed off to the sunset upon my trusty Honda steed. Here is a rare portrait of I, in my best Faire going clothyes, the sun a' dancin' on my nose and chin. What a lovely day t'was.

Me Faire togs


  1. HOW I LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH! I must share, we have a cousin whom is soooo much like you, Krystal-Gadson. Her facebook Timline photo has her dressed in her Ye Ole Renaissance garb.

  2. Photos are great my Lady marvelous are thee. Slippers are a perfect compliment.