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Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Walk on the Beach & a Kite in the Sky

Click on it - it's video. No, really, it's video, I just wasn't moving much.
Today was lovely - lovely as in 'beautiful blue sky', lovely as in 'time spent with good friends' and lovely as in 'all's right in my world', for today at least. Started the day returning to the Good Harvest Restaurant where we made stacks of buckwheat pancakes disappear under mounds of 'real' butter (as boasted by the restaurant) and 'real' syrup (a dollar extra). Yum.

Then back at the motel I discovered a voice mail; while we sat stuffing our faces in one restaurant, my friend Feather as in another, waiting for Barb and I to show up. I screwed up big time because I hadn't read that one last email last night. DUH. Happily, Feather forgave me, and showed up and we all went for a nice walk & talk on the beach.
Buds on the Beach
We sat on a silvery driftwood log having an extensive chat. We watched the shorebirds fly; a mixed of Semipalmated Plovers and Sanderlings. The birds, numbering in the hundreds, flew, wheeling about, as like Feather put it, 'the collective mind'. We watched an Osprey dive and come up with a large wriggling fish. The huge hawk then fly off, wagging itself in the air to rid itself of salt water.
Feather knows everything about the ocean which
comes from spending your entire life observing its ways
Enjoying a resplendent moment in a tale
After soaking up the rays, we all headed off for lunch at the best Thai Restaurant on the planet. We enjoyed veggie rolls  and sticky rice with mango, all washed down with sweet Thai tea. After the good eats, Feather headed home for a nap and Shortly thereafter, I fetched my kite & headed for the beach. I bought the kite more than ten years ago on a trip with Barbara up the coast to Oregon. Until today, I never even took it out of its packaging. But today I did – assembling it, with its support struts and all. It is a large prism butterfly with six foot streamers for its tail. It. Is. Awesome.

Unbeknownst to me, sneaky Barbara took this photo
In no corner of the globe could I be mistaken for a skilled kite flier, but dang it, I can sing. I let out many choruses of “Let's go fly a kite” for the limited minutes I managed to keep the kite aloft.

You know, sometimes I get a tad forgetful, as I was today, and I... uh... OK! I admit it. I forgot the sunscreen. I got myself a category 7 sunburn; on my knees. Yes, damn it, just my knees. You see, I when we sat on that silvery driftwood log by the sea, I was sitting, bare knees up & uncovered. In the late afternoon - mind you - with only a scant hour of sun exposure, my knees got so radioactive red, I could have used them to signal ships off the coast. That's why I should never wear capris.  My poor knees are aching. Ouch!

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