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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Birthday Boys & and BIG surprise

Today Aunties Barbara and Claire went to a birthday celebration for Wyatt & Virgil who are two years old. They are the sons of Barbara's oldest son, James & Angie. The last time I saw the baby's, they were barely walking. Walking is an old skill for them now, and I enjoyed watching them shooting around the back yard playing with their beloved choo-choo trains.

Twins listening to the off key and yet adorable rendition of Happy Birthday
You would think that attending the birthday celebration for the twins would under normal circumstances be the big draw of the day, and you would be wrong.  As twists of fate would have it - wait for it... wait for it... a couple of months ago, James located his and Eric's birth parents. Seventeen years separated, but due to the miracle of Facebook, the family is together again. So in addition to celebrating the baby's big day, Barbara and I met the birth parents, and siblings & half siblings of James & Eric.

Wow. Just wow.

On arrival at the BBQ, I actually momentarily mistook one of the older brothers as being Eric... thought he didn't quite look like Eric, but there was enough resemblance to puzzle my poor, face identification challenged, brain.

The birthday event was therefore quite a memorable one. My favorite bit was sitting in the living room, watching some half dozen toddlers running amok. What a treat - really enjoyed the baby fix!

Happy Birthday Wyatt & Virgil!

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