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Friday, March 15, 2013

Shameless Lamb Snuggling

Barbara with an armful fluff-itude

This all went down when Barbara and Claudette drove up from Monterey for a meet up at Barbara's ever generous Aunt Judy's. I met them there and we four had a two day gab and fressen fest. An extra treat - after Judy's marvelous homemade soup, we  piled into Barb's Tahoe for a trip to Robin's Meridian Ranch in Vacaville. The lambing season is on and we needed a lamb-fix.

I know, it's so undignified, but when you have a fluffy, wiggly, adorable, day, or even hours old lambykins in your arms, what's a woman to do? You have to SNUGGLE that little sucker for all you are worth. You just can't help yourself.

Claudette gives into the lamb cuddling - Ummmm.... lamby wool - heaven!
Snoggle, Snoggle, Snoggle...
I didn't even fight the urge - Oh yeah, wiff that bay-bay with deh fluff-butt!
 Yes. Shameless. Uncalled for. Innocent lambs being sniffed, cuddled and whifted for all they are worth. There ought to be a law.

Oh, baby lamby, come to Mama!
After visiting the lambs and their Mamas, we went back to Robin's studio for a chat. We also got to rummage about Robin's studio, which not only hosts her classes on fiber weaving, spinning and such, but has all the fiber related goodies you can imagine. Claudette treated herself to a beautiful emerald green chenille scarf.

Here is all the video I shot of the lambs and their Mamas, pretty much uncut and unedited. Enjoy.

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