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Monday, February 04, 2013

Shasta, It Hasta Be Shasta

'Shasta, it hasta be Shasta'
Bright and early When I got around to it, I left the house yesterday morning, heading north for Washington State. My goal, is to visit with buds I haven't seen in a while, and secondarily, to tour Olympic National Park, and  possibly Crater Lake in Oregon - I'll see how it goes.

Monday's drive was uneventful, save for the view of snow covered Mt. Shasta, the long dormant volcano, which gleamed brightly in the sunlight. I stopped for a bit in the tiny town of Shasta for a deli sandwich and some coffee - the townspeople were friendly and cheering. So far so good! Spent the night in Eugene. Haven't visited that town since... the 1980s? I might be wrong about that, but its been a while. No stories to tell on that account anyway. Today I got up early and headed for Everett Washington. Along the way I stopped to view another volcano, which blew its top memorably in my own lifetime - Mt. St Helens.

Mount St. Helens with her bad self

I stopped in on the visitor center and prayed the volcano would stay quite at least until I could put in my getaway. Made it to Everett where I hooked up with my long time bud, Anna. It's good to see her. She was in my neck of the woods last November, but she was kept happily busy by her California family so I didn't get to see her. This time I get to hog my bud, all to myself. We started the visit with the official stuffing of the faces at a local Asian Buffet that her family enjoys. The restaurant had a large selection of shellfish and I went wild, trying my first ever Whelk. As expected, they are rather like escargot - slightly rubbery, taking on the taste of whatever sauce they were prepared in. What a hoot it was to try something so v. exotic.

Whelk not exotic enough? Well, there is that frog leg just below it, ready for sampling.
It was great catching up with Anna on her life's adventures. We made our plans for the next day or two. Originally we thought we'd visit Seattle, but looks like we're going to take her sister-in-law's advice and visit one of the islands of Puget sound. Oooo can hardly wait.

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