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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Making Merry on the Ferries

Washington has loads of islands with lots of interesting little hamlets, so Anna and I spent the past two days exploring a few. The best part was getting across the waters, the solution? Ferries!

The ferry arriving at Edmonds for a ride over to Kingston

The mad dash onto the ferry
 I never ride a ferry without reminiscing about the Staten Island Ferry where I grew up in NYC. Love the feeling of somehow cheating the elements by a quick run over salt water. 

A bit of a rainbow to make up for all that Washington rain
Approaching a magic Washington isle
Anna's pic of birdhouses along a nice rustic fence
We got a kick out of this big ole elephant along the roadside on the peninsula
On Whidley Island we stopped at the Greenbank farm. Most of it was closed but a lovely little shop was open where we could buy a few tidbits to snack on.

Ummm... pies....

Anna and the ducks have a little photo op

At Greenbank Farms I got a kick out of the duck ponds and its metal heron sculpture
On Widley Island we crossed over the humongous bridge at Deception Pass.

The Deception Pass Bridge that gets you back onto one of Puget Sounds many peninsulas

Anna at the Deception Pass overlook
View from the overlook
We ferried to Widley Yesterday, and today we ferried from Edmonds to Kingston. We visited the little town of Poulsbo. Loads of lovely little shops antique stores, bakeries and gourmet candy & coffee shops.

Poulsbo Washington
The Aquarium, which makes a nice background for the iron kids.

Pioneer Cabin in the State Park
One of the coolest places we visited was one we didn't know existed until we spotted it as we wizzed past on the highway - the Squamish Museum and Cultural Center. It is an enormous building. 

Suquamish Museum and Cultural Center

The museum, which occupies a modest portion of the faculty, is one of the best thought out museums dedicated to the first peoples I've ever visited.

Beautiful and detailed quilt in the entryway
The museum did not dwell solely in the past of the Puget Sound Salish Tribes. Some displays wee of items as old as ancient cedar bark baskets but there was a lot of modern day art there as well.

I was blown away by the drop spindle that slowy revolved on its dias. It was, as you can see, quite humongous!

The magical Butterfly decorated drop spindle
Anna assists with canoe transport

Everything old and new and artful was displayed in the museum
Tonight I am undecided on if I'll stay on with Anna and her family, or if I'll venture out and attempt to visit Olympic National Park. V. sweet of Anna, her brother and sister-in-law to give me such hospitality. Oh well! I'll decide what I'm doing in the morning.

Oh! Must mention, no visit with Anna is complete without visiting Frankie, Anna's naughty little cockatiel. Frankie is chock full of character and naughtiness. That's him reading the riot act to his toy/lover/dinosaur. You give that dinosaur what for Frankie!

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