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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Twilight Hunting

Werewolf Country
Having watched the first Twilight movie last night, I headed out of the Fork's Motel today, on a photo scavenger hunt. I went forth with a list of spots to hit, that I got from a free, locally available tourist guide.

I stopped by the Fork's Chamber of Commerce, where I found Bella's red pick-up truck parked outside. I noted I was not alone in my scavenger hunt for Twilight fun.

Is that Edward and Bella in the doorway?

Next I stopped to get pics of a downtown shop that probably derives a lot of its income from Twilight.

Love the Northwest Indian artwork over the shop. I took a left turn after passing the shop and headed to Bella Swan & Edward Cullen's high school.  Being Saturday, school wasn't in session so there were no students about.

Forks High School

There wasn't any obvious Twilight stuff - signs, or posters - to be seen. I headed next for the medical clinic where Bella was taken in the first movie, after Edward kept the car from squishing her. It is a real hospital with a real emergency room and I kept clear of it, but searched for something touted in the tourist guide. Bingo! Edward dad, Dr. Cullen's parking space! 

No sooner had I taken the shot, then a Twilight tour van drove up. A single young lady got out and proceeded to take a b'jillion shots of Dr. Cullen's space. I didn't get a pic of it, but at one point she turned to face me, giving me the biggest, happiest, ear to ear grin I think I've ever seen! She was yet another, thrilled to her toes, Twilight fan.

I wasn't the only one checking out the Twilight Sights

I hunted, but I could not for the life of me find the Cullen's home. I was a bit bummed, but I had a bit more luck in finding the Swan residence in a cute little Fork's neighborhood.
The Swan Home
Next on my list was the First Beach. In the movie, Bella and her high school chums hit the beach. She was told the Cullens (vampires all) didn't come to the beach due to a treaty with the local Indian tribe.  The border the Cullen's are not to cross is pretty obvious to all. Hum... wouldn't that have been Bella's first clue there was something weird about Edward?

Back up Vampires!
 First Beach is plenty awesome, even if there weren't any vampires littering up the beach. Took loads of photos but you can see most of the area in this video - not too long.

Yeah, kind of dreamy, eh?  Here's a few more pics from the first beach area.

I need to be in Seattle on Monday so after leaving First Beach, I headed south, with a stop at Olympic National Park's Hoh Rain Forest along the way.

The green patch on the left is an old, lichen covered telephone booth

I took the time to drive up to the Hoh Visitor Center, but I didn't do any hiking there are anything. I did do a bit of birding there though.

Ring-necked Ducks

Nap time for a bunch of Mallards

Lots of brown female Hooded Mergansers, but no drake mergansers
The river along the Hoh Forest
Ended the day in a fairly large Washington town of Aberdeen. So, that was my Vampire adventure. I survived - unmolested by either Vampire or Werewolf.  Whew!

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