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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Talk about impromptu decisions. Yesterday morning I listened to NPR & heard mention a musical, The Color Purple was playing 3 days, only this week, in nearby Folsom. So, next thing I knew I had a ticket for a performance, same night. EEEKK! So last night I found myself sitting in the beautiful and enormous Three Stages auditorium in a v. good seat, and I marveled I was only 7 and a half miles from home, in Folsom. Who knew there were a theater venue so close to my place?

The Color Purple? It was a delight, and it was not just a retelling of the movie, but it was a new interpretation of the novel. I loved that the decades old novel still had something to surprise me with, not the least of which was the songs/voices of the cast. I think what delighted me the most was how the stage production was able to take liberties in some telling of the story, that embellished it all. For example, as Celie read the letters from her sister in Africa, in this version of the tale Celia was able, in her mind of course, to join her sister there and share her adventures. I ate that stuff UP! And redemption - there was more redemption for some of the wicked, but none at all for another - oh well.

Now... I know the musical is meant to uplift one's spirits, which it did, but it also made me gape in wonder, that the star of the show who played Celie, could open her mouth, out of which came a beautiful, other worldly voice. In NO way is it fair, THAT much beautiful sound can be reserved for one person's human throat. Unfair. That much voice, that much power could have outfitted an entire midwestern glee club. I must say again; TOTALLY unfair. So overall, my thoughts on The Color Purple: It. Was. AWESOME.

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