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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Cabin Fever Outing

I had an attack of cabin fever late today, so I took off to the boonies to see what was flying & what was blooming. There wasn't much rain this past winter so there aren't too many wildflowers, but who knows, maybe it's just a little early for much to be out.
There were a few spots with deep blue lupines - that only photograph pale due to lighting late in the day.
Blue Lupines

Farther down Michigan Bar it is beautifully idylic - there's a tiny one lane bridge that seems dicey to drive over but its safe. It was amazing to see so much water beneath the bridge - as long as I've known this spot, there is never more than a few inches of water and loads of gravel bars. Tonight though, it was practially a raging river.

View by the bridge on Michigan Bar Road

But the water wasn't the highlight for me - of course my highlights had wings. There were loads of small sparrows - Golden Crowned Sparrows, Lark Sparrows and more impressive for me, were Lawrence's Goldfinches. I haven't seen a Lawrence's Goldfinches since the 70s! Shoot. Now I know were to find them.
Yes, I'm impressive!

"Thank youverymuch..."

Can't get used to the beauty that is Lark Sparrows

Having my fill of Michigan Bar Road, I headed over to Meiss Road, hoping for an early Nighthawk, or an owl. I found neither species but did find some very pretty fields and some very nosy cows. The cows looked adrift in their meadows full of popcorn flowers.
Pastel skies over B&W cows

Dead center, a thunder cloud tries to form, but is overcome by pink and pretty

The Moon over Meiss

Meiss Road was a challege to drive over and it can't be done without four wheel drive just now - there are puddles and ponds to drive over to make one's way over to Ione Road. I didn't mean to drive back over it, but hell - it was fun, so I headed right back where I came from.
No owls or nighthawks, but the last bird of
the day was a cheery litttle Loggerhead Shrike

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  1. Not so much a "flippant comment" - but a comment none-the-less!

    I received a notification this morning of your spotting the Lawrence's Goldfinches - and immediately ran out there. Spent the entire day until just before it was too dark to photograph anything - saw everything you mentioned _except_ the darned Goldfinches. [le-sigh]. You're so right - it's totally idyllic out there!

    I did see a really pretty Kestrel near where you saw your Finches. And lots of House Finch.

    Thank you for sharing the sighting regardless!

    --- Jodie

  2. Beautiful photos, Claire.