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Friday, November 11, 2011

Yippy Skippy!

New computer: Check!

New computer running all peripherals: Uh... not exactly.

The new computer runs Windows 7, 64 bit, and doesn't necessarily like my old Windows XP, 32 bit stuff. Drat! The biggest bone of contention is, although the new computer & my old & fully able printer are made by HP, they do not supply drivers for this old printer. Why? *fume*

In other news, I was generously given a cast off laptop that ran like molasses in the antarctic - slow. I hated to see an otherwise nice laptop lie fallow. So at Thanksgiving, I asked a genuine, bonified young person - Rick & Nancy's oldest boy, Diego - why the laptop was running so painfully slow. His answer; RAM memory. So, I checked and sure enough, the laptop only had 256MB of Ram. Well, DUH! I ought to have realized that was the problem.

Long story short, I ordered 2 Gigs of RAM memory on line, and all on my very own, installed the memory on the laptop which now runs with the blazing speed of molasses on the equator (i.e., quite speedy)!

So, happy ending, I now have two fully functioning computers and this blog will be up and running like a penguin on the antarctic or a jaguar on the equator (i.e., blazing) any time now.

[Management regrets Ms. Miller now believes she is Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs all rolled into one, insufferable Poindexter, just because she managed, on her own, to install Ram in her new used laptop. Warning: whatever you do, do not encourage Ms. Miller to discuss computers just now, she'll rail on and on until your ears bleed. You have been warned.]

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  1. I just ordered an I-pad Ms. Billy Gates--so perhaps you can use your fantastic computer skills when get stuck? It is coming this coming Monday-so when I'm off during xmas break-I can play with it.