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Friday, November 11, 2011

Aw, #%$^!

So computer ceased acknowledging my printer... then the storage drive... the read/write CD/DVR Rom drive. Now, not quite suddenly, it no longer has the able to 'see' its optical mouse.
Claire attempts repair.

Mouse is back! But, $#&^%! - sound is gone. Computer is more silent than a dwarf butterfly sitting on a cushion & farting.

Claire: "Piece of $%#&@ computer! Why, I ought to $#%*ing toss yer bits out on yer[Management: Ms. Miller is having a tirade. Worry not; she'll be back on line to continue her November postings when her new computer arrives. That is if she is released from that nice "Home for the Perpetually Pissed Off" down the street.]

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