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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Change of Pullets Plan

So... my poor girlies have been in Monterey at their Auntie Barbara's house since mid August. All alone, they have to be separated from Barbara's flock whose hobby it is to beat the $%*# out of my girls, Babette & Adele. Oh well, I guess even chickens are entitled to hobbies, right?

My poor girls think they got 20-life in Sing-sing

Anyway, mid August Barbara and I got new chicks, of which I was going to take 2 'Easter Eggers', which Barbara was raising for me. Easter Eggers lay either blue or green eggs and I do like a lovely palette with my morning egg.

You might remember that Ms. Pink, Barbara's buff (in all senses) hen, the dozen new chicks, and my 2 girls were all in a pen together. Ms. Pink's hobby was beating the daylights out of Babette & Adele.

So, Ms. Pink had to be kept out of the pen where my girls were boarded, and of course, Ms. Pink took her foster chicks with her. End results: Ms. Pink and her chicks ran free range and that means Ms. Pink's babies grew to be tough, buff and pugilistic pullets.

In other words, both Barbara and I feared - quite literally - for the lives of my 2 Faverolle hens if they had to live together with the 2 young Easter Egger pullets at my home. Ever heard of pecked to death by ducks? Well, pecked to death by chickens is a real deal.

Well, HAPPY DAY! Barbara got an idea. She found a local chicken person who is raising a type of chicken I have had my eye on breed wise, the breed being Black Copper Marans. Now, Marans lay deep chocolate brown eggs, as such...

Cool, heh? So, long story short - and you know I could make this post, a zillion pages longer if I felt like it , so count your lucky stars - here are my new little Black Copper Maran girlies, Barbara picked up this afternoon for me. They're now penned up with Babette and Adele, and as they are smaller than my Faverolle hens, the idea is they'll all get used to each other, thus avoiding a chicken blood bath of Friday the 13th intensity.

Now I'm even more excited about bringing my girlies home. And what am I going to name my new Black Copper Maran pullets? Penny and Onyx? Oh well. No worries. Probably won't be able to tell them apart anyway.

So, where's the wall-to-wall
carpeting we were promised?

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