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Friday, October 14, 2011

The Big Year

So, bright and early today I raced off to the early bird showing of The Big Year. I'm mentioning it here because anyone who wonders whattheeff is up with birders, this flick offers just the tinest glimpse of what makes birders tick. I enjoyed the heck out of it, and even found myself a little weepy at some of the sites - I was all sort of 'awww... yeah, Attu was awesome' and 'yeah, the Brownsville landfill sure reeked', and '$#%@!, I have got to get to High Island '.

Anybirder will love the movie just for the joy of bitchn' over movie errors. For example, on Attu a blizzard is a good thing; and I mean freakn' spectacular good. There was a blizzard when I was there that blew wonderful vagrant birds to the island (yes!) AND it bought me several extra days on the island because Reeves airline couldn't fly in to get us. GO BLIZZARDS! Awesome. I'm tellin' you. Freakn' feathered awesomeness.

So, go see the movie. And remember, you don't have to sink a b'jillion dollars into seeing all the North American species in one year. You can see them all over your lifetime, like I'm doing. Just look out your window at some birdie passing by and think about it... it can FLY for free, and chances are, you can't.

Honestly... I can't believe they got Martin, Black & Owen to do this movie, AND not a fart joke to be heard.

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