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Monday, May 09, 2011

Jive Turkey Morning

I was lounging around the Honda dealership this morning. It seems ignoring a little red light on one's dashboard means my car safety bags have been non-operational since last September - oops. Happily, the fix is a freebee so there I sat, working on today's crossword puzzle, & felt the urge to look up.

There he was, a Tom Turkey strutting just
a few feet from me outside the window.

I thought it was hilarious to see the Tom struttin and swaying in the service entrance. I mean, did he need a tune up or maybe an oil and lube?

Service is SLOW this morning! Can't a guy get a check up for his chassie?

Pretty soon loads of customers were laughing our arses off, watching that Tom. Not be be left out,there was a crash against the window, and a little California Towhee crash landed at our feet on the other side of the window. Poor thing was just dazed but flew off pretty quickly. I was in smart-arse birder mode so I said "That was a Towhee."

Another customer said, "A toad? Wow... I thought it was a bird."

Humor and corrective identity ensued.

That Tom turkey killed an hour of my wait time, walzting about looking all jive turkey and important. Then about the fifth time he strutted on into the car ports a mechanic shooed him away, but this time chasing the Tom to the opposite side of the dealership.You gotta love Tom Turkeys, they pop up anywhere any time. I think this one wandered in from the Golf Course next door. Maybe he was waiting for a chance to play on through? What do you mean you've had enough Jive turkey jokes? Harumph!

Turning Tail But Still Struttin'

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