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Friday, April 08, 2011

Soaring with the Turkeys

Move along, nothing to see here! That's right, move it along. You there, you raised an eyebrow. Want to see something sort of cute? Here.

Those turkeys were gobbling along with me right up until I started filming. Rather humiliating to be made into a turkey by a flock of the buggers. Oh well! Turkeys crack me up every time; amusing bird - beautiful and hideous all at the same time. Isn't that the definition of some kinds of cute?

I saw this little flock of Tom Turkeys at the River Bend Park of the American River Parkway. I just wanted to stare at a few birds and maybe see a deer or two. I haven't been to River Bend in ages, but was not surprised that my favorite part of the park is cut off from the public - that is unless you're up to hiking through the woods. I'm up to that, but wasn't up to picking ticks off myself - a bit early in the season for that yet.

You're as interesting to stare at as they are

These photos and video were recorded on my iPhone - my camera when I don't have a good camera on me.

Grazing on Through

And now for a little Turkey Trot. Not a clue what that big Tom was up to.

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