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Friday, March 04, 2011

San Juan Bautista

Mission San Juan Batista

The very nearly R&R visit to Monterey is over. Joann and I boogied out of the county and on our way north visited the Mission San Juan Batista. I've wanted to drag Joann there for ages, and as luck would have it, I didn't have to drag her at all, she was eager to enjoy the grand old mission. We started off viewing the museum and inner sanctum.

The Mission Church

Pretty little holy ghost dove, hoovering over a baptismal font

Baptism room

The side festoons of holly & flowers are all hand painted

A fountain setting for quiet contemplation

A spot to burn candles in remembrance

Next we took a leisurely stroll through the gardens. Being early March, the gardens are largely devoid of anything flowering, but the gardens are nice just the same. We were greeted early on in our walk by the holy mother.

Holy Mother loaded with offerings

Not to be left out, we also got a visit from Saint Francis of Assisi, my favorite saint, due to his bird watching skills and concern for animals.

Saint Francis - beautiful wood statue

After tour of the mission we rendezvoused with Joann’s son Phil in Stockton. Joann went off with Phil to visit her toddler granddaughter , oh yes, and her daughter –in-law Krista. Bright and very-nearly-early on Saturday I picked up Joann at Phil & Krista’s in Livermore. I got to meet baby McKayla who is quite the cutie. Then Joann & I were back to Fair Oaks. Joann flew back to San Diego Sunday morning and, as expected, I miss her already.

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