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Monday, March 28, 2011

Auspicious Night in Fair Oaks

My friend Barbara has been visiting me the last week, and tonight we decided to go for a drive through Sunrise Park along the American River. So, about 45 minutes before sunset tonight I went outside to put my hens 'to bed' in their coop. I no sooner bribed them into their pen with mealworms, when I heard a loud, "KEK KEK KKEK KEK KEK!" A Coopers Hawk and a Crow shot by overhead, like arrows. The crow was in front of and above the hawk, so it was a toss up if the coopers was after the crow and missed or perhaps the crow harassed the hawk then pulled up. I wish they had hung around for a bit longer.

Later driving in Sunrise park we saw the 'usual suspects', a couple of big arsed tom turkeys, strutting. I gobbled to them and the tom quickly gobbled back, calling me a %$^& which was quite rude. Later on we saw this tree full of roosting turkeys, one of whom was sitting puffed up on his branch, looking all macho.

No one up here but us turkeys

Then something amazing happened - we saw a little group of two does and a young fawn. The fawn was quite pale - not albino, but in the twilight it appeared quite pale. Made me wonder if the fawn was pale enough to be the sort the California Hoopa Indians would use in their white deer dances. I wonder what they would say if they knew there was a white-ish fawn wandering about. Of course, no surprise, I didn't have a good camera with me, only my cell phone and what I got was a crap photo of the fawn's pale backside. Maybe I'll manage a photo of him/her later in the season.

On the drive home, Barbara squeaked, "One, one, one, one...!" She got a look at my Honda's mileage which was at an interesting number.

Hum... Cooper's Hawk bulleting by overhead, a white fawn, a binary sort of number popping up in my car... perhaps auspicious things are in the near future.

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