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Sunday, May 02, 2010

They're Back...

So... woke early this morning, slowing opening my eyes. A colorful vista materialized in the air by my bedroom door. The side of a large white metallic spaceship with vivid red emblems that stood out in sharp contrast to the dark of space - or maybe just the dark of my pre-dawn bedroom.


On awakening, I haven't seen a vivid vision, that isn't really there, in years. I've had a sense of mourning/missing that quirky aspect of my being since last October when I wrote about the Mountain Lion in my bedroom. When I am feeling firmly attached to grounded realities, I use rationalization to explain my visions. I rationalize that my waking visions are just that - visions - caused by faulty brain chemistry. It happens when I wake up, and the chemistry of my dreaming brain, spills over into my alert consciencness for a few seconds after I've opened my eyes and have become alert. It's rare I can drop the rationalization and allow myself to experience whatever the hell the visions are, for what they are - visions. They're so totally interesting to stare at as they float past in the darkness of my bedroom.

Back to this morning's vision. I woke up to momentarily see several cartoonish looking space aliens, guiding a UFO in to the open hatch of the space station. The beings were smiling, benevolent, as they floated into the port. Mystical? Other worldly? A strange inter-dimensional portent of things to come? How the hell should I know?

However one looks at it, I am totally stoked my 'visions' are back, at least for now. Yes, they scare the living daylights out of me, making my heart race from fear but what the hell. My heart needs the exercise and anyway who else can say they have their mind full of 3-D visons at the ready for their own personal waking enjoyment?


  1. Its been awhile, feeling better?