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Monday, April 26, 2010


This morning in the manner of the royalty releasing the hounds, I did 'Release the Chickens!' After three days of confinement the girls were frantic to be out and about. While gone I had let their eggs just accumulate in their nest box. So this morning I collected 8 eggs from the past three days. I'll feed these 'old' eggs back to the girls as a smoothie; more details on that another day.

The point here is, of the 8 eggs the girls laid, 7 are the usual ensie eggs the girls normally lay, but one egg was HUMONGOUS. The rumours are true - young hens first lay small eggs, and then gradually when their behinds are ready for it, then come the Grade A, Extra Large eggs. Check this out; doesn't that gigantic egg look painful? My first thought when I saw it was some huge sumo-wrestler of a hen must have snuck in with the girls and laid that ringer.

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