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Sunday, March 21, 2010

What's Worth Getting Up for on a Sunday

Ah Sunday! My hens object to my sleeping in on weekends so I was up early which is a good thing. When Joann visits me we go to an early mass at St. Michaels Catholic Church. I'm a derelict, heathen Catholic, who never sees the inside of a church unless my buddy drags me there, escorts me there kicking & screaming. After church eschewing our tradtional visit to the Sunday buffet at Marie Callendars we went for a somewhat smaller breaking of our fast at Coco's for blueberry pancakes & coffee all around. Oh yum...

Worth Getting Up for on a Sunday

It being a Sunday and all, we went for a Sunday drive. It's amazingly only about an hour southeast of my house. So off we went, guided by GPSs ('cause I sure as hell didn't know the way) and along the way enjoyed the sights, weaving through the foothills on the country backroads.

Some country homes prefer stuff more exciting
than pink flamingos in their front yard

If I were that cougar I'd leave the big sucker alone

Took as hour to reach our goal, Indian Grinding Rock State Park. We started off in the the Chaw'se Regional Indian Museum, chatting with the ranger 'bout this n' that but then we were off for a walk. Why spend time indoors with so many nifty things to see on a sunny Spring day?

The Regional Museum

The Roundhouse is beautiful, and still functions as a meeting place for area Indians to have Big Time celebrations.

Behold - Joann and the Roundhouse

I've never been to see the dances at the Roundhouse but some day I hope to give it a visit and maybe even join in on a dance.

Inside the Roundhouse

Along the path through the park there is a Miwok Indian Village that is used for primitive camping by different groups. Wish the heck I had to opportunity to try camping in such an inspirational setting.

Fragrant Cedar Bark Houses

The meadow adjacent to the Miwok Houses was dotted with tiny blue and white flowers, Baby Blue Eyes.

Baby Blue Eyes dotted the meadow

Ah! What a beautiful day - had a scenic, flower strewn drive home, though every drive in the Gold Country foothills is a scenic drive.

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