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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chez Claire Entertains

This weekend my San Diego buddy Joann was up for a visit after baby sitting her 5 month old granddaughter Mckayla.

Early on we decided to make it a take-it-easy weekend - hey, it's what we do best, you know? Joann was kind enough to accompany me on some overdue errands, like picking up chicken chow. the way to the feed store - on the heel spur of the moment so to speak - we were sidetracked. Ended up at the local nail parlour; Joann's treat for both of us (do I know how to pick my friends or what?). We had a nice soak in the big foot toilets (I don't think that is what the spa specialists call the thingmabobs), followed up by scrubs, lotions, oil messages, green sea scrub, more massaging, hot wax, deep tissue massage, and nail painting (just for 'moi', i.e., 'Lady-in-Berkenstocks-alot').

Joann was a dignified lady during the treatments, which for her included a manicure, while, to my chagrin, I was jumpy as a drunken cricket. It's my ticklish toes you see. I might do better at pedicures if I were put under, 'cat-at-the-veterinarian style', but there you go.

Joann's extremities, north and south get the
deluxe spa treatment; no oils,waxes or mud spared

my humongous feet enjoy a hot parafin treatment

It's fun enjoying a girlie day with buddy, ahhhhh what a treat!

Speaking of treats, must mention, when Joann arrived yesterday, and obviously in her honor, the girls - all 3 - each laid an egg. How's that for a welcome and a fine how-do-you-do?

A Triple Header

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