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Monday, January 25, 2010

Unpleasant Altercation at Chez Claire's

A dozen eggs from the Terry's hens, minus an omelet or two!

Since mid-month, the Terry's 3 chickens have laid a dozen eggs - count 'em, that's 12 eggs!

My 3 birds? They've laid 'zip'. I'm beginning to think my girls are lazy. So a couple of days ago at feeding time, I asked them what's up with the no-egg-laying. They said 'bwaaaaaak, bwak, bwak' which means "We're not in the mood yet'.

Let me tell you, I gave the girls their options. I mean, Hello! I enjoy 'coq au vin' as much as I enjoy 'eggs over easy'. The management at Chez Claire does not tolerate slackers.

When I went out to feed yesterday, I found an I.O.U. - penned in feather quill - for a dozen eggs plus one - interest payment!

I mean, what the hell, you know?

I had no choice. Slapped their feathered butts with a lien on their deluxe hen house and run. Hey, I mean, I'm not running a charity here. Chicken scratch costs money, and time wise, all that chicken poop on the porch doesn't clean itself up. The girls were too stunned to say anything about the lien. I'd better be knee deep in omelette's PDQ.

The girls are flabbergasted

[The Management assures everyone Ms. Miller is only having a laugh here and no pullets were harmed in the writing of this post - yet]


  1. maybe they are waiting to lay a golden egg for you...then won't you feel guilty..he,he,he
    also, have you tried playing them the song from Music Man...chip..chip..chip? That may get you some eggction.

  2. or maybe, wait for it, they've been poached LOL