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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Slide Scanning Revisited

Back in December I tried out a new slide scanner, but I returned it. It was just too limited in what it could do. This time I did the research and got an Epson V500. It is bang on for the slide/old photo scanning I have to do.

Cool - even if closed it looks like a coffin

The scanner holds only four sides at a time, which means slow going. As I scan at 1200 dpi, the scanning is even slower, add to which after scanning, I use a photo program to lift out the individual slide pictures. Here's a 4 slide scan before I lift out individual shots. Below the initial tiff scan, I have a couple of photos I lifted from it and some others as well.

My family took loads of photos on roofs - My mother,
my sister Dolores and Juan with my father (circa: pre-Claire)

My brother releasing me so I could roam free & scorge the countryside

My maternal Grandparents Lomax and Adele, my mother and brother

I totally loved that my Halloween bat costume
almost as much as I hated that wall hanging

Hurrah! Now I know what I'll be doing on future Sunday afternoons. I have loads of family slides that predate myself by a decade or two. Many are from my father's travels in the 1940s and family slides from the 40s, 50s and 60s. I'll share the more notable ones from time to time. I also have several thousand slides of my own from the late 1980s onward, when I got my first single lens reflex camera.
I'm saving my new scans as tiff files and I guess that'll keep them safe until the next photographic revolution. By then I'll be scratching my head to figure out how to convert tiff files to 3-D stand-alones that move.

Other things the Millers used to do on Sunday afternoons

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