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Sunday, December 27, 2009

La Chez Claire Entertains

La Chez Claire, the renowned 'B&B' is entertaining this week. I was out to a lovely post Christmas dinner last night, at my friends, Rick, Nancy & the boys for a nice post Christmas dinner. Mommy Nancy is a pro at 'warm fuzzy food' (meaning 'comfort food', not actually fuzzy food) and original salads. My contribution was a persimmon pudding I made, using persimmons Rick picked and gave to me a week ago. The boys and I had fun, heating up brandy, pouring on the pudding and setting it ablaze. The flames died out quickly, but quick thinking Diego, gave up trying to relight the pud, and put the long fireplace match atop the pudding so we still got to make a flaming entrance to the dining room - Huzzah!

The whole family planned to take off to Tahoe in the morning and while the family dog Tippy was off to the kennels, I agreed to take care of Sofa.

Sofa, is not furniture, and I have decided to refer to 'La Lapin' in question as 'Sophia', as a girl does object to being referred to for her... girth.

Diego and doe-eyed Sofa AKA Sophia

Sofa was an unexpected present given to Diego for his birthday by his college buddies. He was rather surprised and will be challenged by the sudden bunny stewardship he inherited, but I think he'll be up to the task. Meanwhile I get to play with the bun-bun! I drove her home late last night, hardly able to wait for morning, when I prepared her special bunny suite, and introduced her to it. Here she is below, shortly after moving in. She was fascinated by the girls, who were not all all surprised with Sophia, but were intrigued with the new things in their old renovated pen.

Sophia wonders what life is like on the 'outside'

I was watching them from the living room so didn't get a picture of Colette, pecking at Sophia's green hay, that hangs on the corner of the pen. Should be an interesting week. I am determined to find out what tickles Sophia's bunny bone, so she will be entertained while visiting me. So far she wasn't impressed by a chewing block of pine, a sugar pine pine cone, a pillow case to shove around, or a hanging toy with hay stuck into it. I am determined to find out what what makes gets this bunny going on all four cylinders - I mean, all four gigantic bunny feet.

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