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Thursday, December 31, 2009

And they sang... "Frosty Sno-Homey"

Early this morning, this Brooklynite Snow Man virtually flew into Fair Oaks for a visit. I suspect his creation had something to do with two little great-nephews I know of - and one niece.

I decided to read his palms (not of palm tree but of , A Tree [that] Grows in Brooklyn).

I concluded as follows of this snowy personality.

  • He loves his veggies (confirmed by carritoid schnoz) as I hope my nephews do.
  • He has a spicy personality (note: clove eyes & mouth).
  • He is rather settled in his ways (has yet to leave the chair...).
  • He is a good neighbor (belongs to the local volunteer fire department)
  • He is a snazzy dresser (see pine-green scarf ensemble).

    Yep, this little fellow gets two snaps up from A.C.

"So now you got my press release, do I get to co-star
in Lost? I'd be great in a Polar Bear scene!"

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  1. aaaaaaaaaaack, oh no you didnt. Ha Ha ha Ha Ho HO Ho god I miss you