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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's Nature's Way

Sanctioned Visitor to Gulag Garden

Here's my little wren/titmouse nesting box, which has hung unused for about four or five years now. I must say it's decorativeness pleases me, if not the local House Wrens. Late this afternoon I noticed that Yellow Jacket Wasps are also pleased with the properly wasp-sized condo. Hum... free rent even.

Unsanctioned Yellow-Jackets buzzed in and out all afternoon

I'm usually don't flip over such natural occurances but you have to forgive me. Normally the light rail bit of my home commute is just shy of 20 minutes; today it was more than an hour. Today was HOT, needless to say, as is usual on such days, the light rail was stalled, the air conditioning was out and the cars were crowded with pissy commuters. So when I got home and collapsed on the couch and noticed the wasp parade just outside my window - I felt a bit irate.

Now... thing is, I've got a wasp-nest bomber, but.... But being hot and feeling cranky, I thought up something... evil... something deserved by a species that has stung me numerous times for NO good reason. Ever been stung by a Yellow Jacket? Nasty affair.

I was about to dig up the wasp-bomb. I hesitated as did not want wasp poison all over my bird house. And what if there is a papery wasp-nest in there? Ugh! A mess. So, one giant BIG-arse plastic bag, and giant BIG-arse freezer later...

More on this chilly, chiling experiment another day.

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