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Thursday, April 09, 2009

They Swim Among Us

My niece Doris wrote to me this morning that today, in New York City, she saw a Humpback Whale today in the Hudson Harbor off the Beltway. Is that cool or what? I'm always thrilled when HUMONGOUS critters, find there way into waters that were too polluted for them to swim in when I was a kid. Honestly it really makes me all misty like.

Pair of Pacific Humpbacks

Flukes up; if Humpties could say 'weeee!' they would

but they can wave bye-bye

[Management can scarse believe that in a stunning error, Ms. Miller posted today as being her brother's Birthday. Today is not her brother's birthday, that date is November 9th. Today is however the postumous birthday of her father. Happy 101st B-day Daddy! ]

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