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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Time in the Gulag Garden

Gently Patinaed Bunnies take garden Columbine, roses, and Fressias for a spin

It is the time of rebirth! Just last week I was stupidly stunned to see the Muscat Grape popping up with shiny maple-like leaves I had thought it was dead and hadn't gotten around to disposing of the carcase yet. And miracles of Spring continue - from a pot of dirt, last year's 'failed' garlic chives are sprouting; they featured in my morning omelet today. All spots of soil, abandoned pots and planters are coming back to life. The pink Lupine sprouted again, no help from me. Last year's Dahlia I thought dead has blushing tuber buds and the columbines have exploded into great clouds of purple and white blooms. Well, to put it plainly; Spring is busting out all over.

Claire... have you ever heard of 'perennials'? You know, the plants in all those lovely gardening books you've been collecting over the years? Well, guess what -the book's predictions are prooving true, the perennials are perenneling, the annuals are being annual! The Gulag Garden lives. Have a lovely, sunny Easter Sunday!


  1. very nice floral arrangement. And by the by two dolphins were found dead off the shores or new jersey.thats not a good thing sharks are small here, boats werent mentioned as a contributor unknown and they were whole

  2. Well... that's kind of you about the arrangement. I couldn't get those flowers to 'perform' to my satisfaction, but finally I decided it was Easter, they could goof off if they wished. I do love the brass bunny trinkets thought - they always cheer me up.

    Hey! I think those dolphins are the results of yet another mafia hit. Those BASTARDS! Hey, in the Sopranos they dumped bodies like that all the time.

  3. he he he he he he he he!