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Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's Lambing Time!

Sunday morning is a good time for visiting, so myself and Barbara (who is visiting me) drove over to visit Robin in Vacaville. We sucked down fresh bagels/cream cheese and coffee while catching up on the Lynde Family adventures.

Then it was time for the grand tour for a look-see at the new spring lambs - there are 75 of the little speckled buggers, and with several ewes looking like water balloons ready to pop, there are more lambs on the way.

Barbara and I visited Robin - leader of the pack!

I hardly visited Robin at all this last couple of years; she's busy, and I'm too tired on Friday evenings after work to drag my spinning wheel to her spinning parties on Friday evenings after work - bummer. Robin is guilty of teaching me to the one who taught me to spin/weave/dye wools, etc. She teaches all of the above as well as breeding/selling Jacob sheep and earning a living from as many sheep oriented projects as you can imagine. She even invents new ones as she think so them, like her ram horn buttons.

For the pet deprived, visiting the lambs is seventh heaven!

Four horned Ewe and her lamb

Jacob's sheep are spotty as Dalmations, rather small, the new lambs being the size of cats. But it's their horns that are their claim to fame - they have anywhere from two to six horns, and the horns, particularly the humongous ram's horns, grown any which way. Here is one of Robin's prize Rams, "Chicory Lane Houdini".

Awesome set of horns photo by Robin Lynde

There are oodles ofJacob's sheep at the Meridian Ranch, but there a few other animals too- such as Chris's prize Toggenburg milking goats. I love the goats, unlike the sheep, they're as friendly and sociable as dogs. The last time I visited, I got a goat milking lesson - not as easy as it sounds and you have to have strong hands.

Any day now, this lady Toggenburg doe will pop with triplet kids

If you visit Robin's Blog (see left panel for Claire's Lynx) you can see photos of this doe's baby kids, born 3/24/09.

I get to feed the lamby, I get to feed the lamby!

Hey! The bottle isn't going anywhere, slow down!

Robin holding one of Chris' Toggenburg kids

Toggenburg tiny tootsies

Worshipping at the Udder glory of Ma-maaaa's milk-bar

Hiding out in one of Robin's HUMONGOUS looms

While touring the ranch, Barbara found one of Robin's barn kitties, stranded in the workshop. Kitty doesn't look at all lost, stranded, or at all guilty, does she?

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  1. I could eat you up ClaireBear, you are adorable. I love you. :)