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Friday, February 27, 2009

Hen Party in the Hills

It was Hen Party time this weekend, and it was different from any of the others. First off, there were only five hens; Rhonda, Ingrid, Nancy, Robbie and myself.

For another thing, the party was not at one of our houses because Ingrid found us a beautiful little cabin to rent for 2 nights - way up in the hills behind Fresno.

But real difference between this and any other Hen Party is that one of our hens, who has never missed a party was not present, and forever more remain missing. Fran was on our minds all weekend and we toasted her so many times I was a little surprised she didn't put in an appearance in my dreams . Oh well, who would want to enter into the clutter in my noggin anyway?

I drove down from Sacramento with Nancy and we had a good time. The backroads leading from Madera east to the foothills was tricky but that gave me a go at my iPhone's GPS. While Nancy phoned 911 (called Rick, her hubby) to ask him to alert the media, I watched the blue bead on my phone that guided us to Shaver Lake.

I bought snow chains for the trip, and thank heavens had no need to use them. OK, but for the bother, I might have used them for the last ten feet of the journey. The cabin driveway was layered with ice.

Ingrid shows the mound of snow at the threshold

Nancy taking the 'hike' to get in or out the cabin

Chains would have helped on that final lunge up the driveway

Have a peek at the snow just outside the window

The cabin was fun - a nice big stone fireplace that held a little black stove. There were two bedrooms off the main room & I had this one.

A room for her Majesty - that would be 'moi'

Ingrid and Nancy pose by the dining room

The cabin's second floor was a trip! There were 'bunks' or as I like to call them, 'cubby holes', each with a mattress, a shelf and a reading lamp & a second cubby underneath for linens and such. Oh, and cute little ladder for ascending up into your nest.

Nancy all comfy in one of the cupboards

Way-up-there cubby den

End cupboard with its own window

That I chose the downstairs room was only because I didn't want to be disturbed if I snored. I mean, when have I ever chosen a real bed over a nook-in-the-wall? That would be a clear dereliction of Claire Bear duty!

The purpose of our Hen parties is to catch up on every one's life - or in my case, the lack thereof. However somehow we spent more time preparing and eating meals than we spent doing anything else save for yakking!

Rhonda and Ingrid tucking in to din-din

Rhonda checks out the cheese while Ingrid breaks brea

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