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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Roar of the Frick'n Crows

A war rages at my downtown office building. In the morning and evening twilight calls of a hunting Peregrine Falcon and the screams of a crow being... violated are broadcast. The sound is meant to put the fear of God into the flock of a b'jillion crows that enjoy nesting - and making messes- in the trees that surround the CalEPA building. Well, guess what?

Yep, crows are some wicked slick birdies. Although the use of the birdie alert broadcast blares every twilight and dusk at the building, the crows quit being afraid of it after only a few weeks. Now they openly ignore it.

This morning on my way into the office at 6:30 AM, the roar of the crows was so loud it was a surreal experience, as if there were lions roaring on either side of my head. Danged but those birdies can CAW up a storm!


  1. Hitchcock would be pleased.

  2. No, the dang birds are LOUD. Hitchcock would run, screaming like a little girly man! : D