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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hurrah! They're Here!

10:00AM, EEEEKKK! Get up! They're here - almost!

You never saw people move so quickly; Uncle Matt was up, dressed and out the door, headed for the Phoenix airport to pick up the newly arrived. Arna toured her HUMONGOUS home, tidying here, touching up a detail there, lighting candles, etc. Of course, the house was already perfect already before she started, but then, what do I know? At my house tidying up consists of throwing dirty clothing into the closet and tossing the dirty dishes & clutter into the dishwasher.

Before we knew it, just as Arna's beautiful home hit guest ready perfection, Matt was back with my sister and niece; Dolores and Bea. It is always precious time that I get to see my East coast relatives. Bea, who so radiates peace & calm she makes the Dali Lama look like Robin Williams on speed. She and her mom Dolores, my incredible 'Sis' are on trip that on Wednesday take them to Maui, HA, and back eastward to San Francisco before returning them to Baltimore.

The travel weary guests got the grand tour after which we collapsed into chairs on the back porch to soak up some sun - Doris (my niece, HI DORIS!) forwarded via cellphone, a photo of a snow strewn panorama in New York - 19 degrees and snowing. Big treat was my cousin Dovin dropped by with the masculine portion of his entourage - Matt (named after his Granddad) and Timmy (not named after the kid with Lassie - or maybe yes, what do I know?) The other half of Dovin's ensemble consists of his wife and daughter. The boys are adorable, I know at 10 and 11 they wouldn't appreciate my adjectives, but damn it, they are. They have big eyes with Bambi lashes just their Dovin did when he was a kid.

(left to right)DOLORES, Daddy Dovin with sons Matt & Timmy, & Bea

It was a great day for chatting and swapping family stories. Towards evening Matt, Arna, Dolores, Bea and I went to the new Gila River Casino for dinner and some big time gambling - Dolores won $8, which is way better than me; I lost $5.

My Aunt Arna, Sister Dolores, Niece Bea and Uncle Matt at the Gila River Casino

For a bit of idle fun, here is some video i took at the casino: the water fall and then the colorful dancing waters. Hopefully the casino won't hunt me down for posting these.

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