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Friday, December 05, 2008

Great big, self mocking, bone rattling sigh...

My mini-retirement ended the post-Thanksgiving weekend. It was great fun while it lasted, and no surprises; I got almost NONE of my many home projects during that time. I did have fun and rest and I gurded up my girly loins for re-entering the salt mines (work!).

There is a reprieve however. Since a repair man is visiting today I decided I'd give myself the entire day off, as it's not worth the hour plus round trip commute and gas, etc., to go to work for a mere four hours. Hopefully I'll get some odds and ends around the house completed. Hum... so far on this day off I've watched Grey's Anatomy and Ugly Betty. Heh! Didn't seem to do a damn thing towards getting those bulbs planted or the dining room blinds re-hung...

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