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Friday, August 08, 2008

Rats n' Bats

A few days ago I tried photographing a rat that was out scampering across the street from my office building, in the early morning dew. I’ve known there are rats in the park for a long time. In the winter when it was still dark out I used to see the beasties scampering about as I made my way from the bus stop to the office. By the time I would see the rats, they were always fleeing - it's safety first when you're a rat!

One time I spotted a rat sitting with a wistful look - yes, it was wistful - at me – it was white rat. It's tameness made me think some cruel human had turned it loose to fend for itself – poor baby. If that white rat ever goes out in the daylight will nabbed for sure, by one of the Red-tailed hawks that hunt pigeons in the park.
I tried shooting a rat portrait a couple of time this week and this is the best photo I got.

Look all you want, but there's no rat, just dirt & twigs.
The rat skittered off just just as I hit the shutter. Damn!

No rat, but I had better luck with a bat this afternoon. I was on my way to Starbucks with Mommy Nancy (so I could whine about missing the party, see here). Anyway, as we left the building a building buddy pointed out to me something interesting - just outside the office building on the wall by the front entrance. High up on the marble wall clung a beautiful, chocolate brown polka-dot. After the Starbucks run, I got out my portable digital and snapped myself a few batty memories.

Hard to say if this little guy is outside because he was overheated,
or migrating, or just plain rabid. Yikes!

It is a Mexican Free-tailed Bat; he's a long way from T.J.

Note: This little guy is clinging to a sheer granite wall - bet he needed his nails sharpened first.

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  1. You cant leave that building; wildlife bestows their presence soley for you, dont ja know. smile