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Friday, August 08, 2008

Some Bunny Effed Up

Yeah - that's right - some bunny effed up

I was gearing up to go to Cornetta's going away party tomorrow night. I don't get invites to fancy-people-come-a-callin' shindigs very often so you better believe I've been so excited! Of course, I was also a bit cowardly, but I was going to suck it up and just go and have some fun. I asked Mommy Nancy if she would go halves with me on a gift card, which I purchased last night.

So here I am all excited and rearing to go tomorrow and I got an email from Nancy: the party was LAST Saturday night! WT....?!

And there is NO excuse for my screw up! Have no idea what to tell Cornetta (although she no doubt already knows I'm something of a spazbrain. You see, Cornetta gave me the party date - August 2nd, ages & ages ago. So how do I explain to her that my poor, tired, feeble brain managed to transpose the party date a whole week?! I'm hoping the party was such a success she hasn't even noticed I was missing. GAK! Honestly, I swear, just mark ready for the rest home, wrap me up and send me away.

Mommy Nancy forgot the day too, and we've decided we can take Cornetta out for dinner & there we can give her the gift card. *sigh*


  1. So what is my excuse. I write it down I see the number I focus on it I plant my pen to the calendar square and the next thing you know, It's written in the square one week further then the actual date. Eye problem NOoo I think not. Inherited. smile

  2. Have you ever google earthed your home. The photos that you've shared, I believe I can see that exact street. Oh and I dont think the barrel thing is funny. It's scary. Especially since you would never come to live in NY if you did lose your home. Your sister in her one room coop would give up her room for you and I would evict the baby daddy. So in the event that you need family and friends you have them.

  3. Eye problem NOoo I think not. Inherited. smile

    That's it alright! You've have those lovely 'WTF/Miller' brain cells working for you... er', maybe against you. : D

    About the googling, yeah, I googled a photo of my house in the blog ages ago. Cracked me up because you could even see my blackened bench in the back yard, and the Hawthorn tree. Amazing!

    No worries about losing my house. My job, my mind, but not the house. I owe a little over 100K, but I have a 15 year, 4.578% loan. Loans pretty much don't come any cheaper or any better. Not saying I still couldn't screw things up, but so far (knock on wood) so good.