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Friday, August 01, 2008

For Whom the State Sucks...

The Governator strikes yet-again - at 11:00 today he signed a bill to screw State Workers as punishment for our having - uh... well, actually I have no idea what we have done to deserve this. You see, the State legislature is tardy in passing the State budget for the new year fiscal year - an annual occurrence. To make up the naughty lawmakers, I and all my fellow State workers will have our pay cut to Federal minimum wage level until the legislature 'makes nice' and passes the annual State budget. No worries; my credit union will cover our arses as it has done in the pass when the State toys with its workers lives.

So... what to worry about...? Aha! How about August? Last night I got a letter from my credit union; my State paycheck was not deposited in my checking account as it ought to have been yesterday. You see my credit union has my initials down as 'C' but the State has my initials down as 'NC'.


Mind, if a chimpanzee, with a copy of my drivers license - in crayon - swung into the State Controller's office to demand my paycheck, I strongly suspect there would a happy chimp, having the time of its life at Disneyland on my dime. But put my paycheck into my account, when the only thing different is ONE freakn' initial? Hell no.

Alas. A few months ago, I visited my safe deposit box at the credit union. There was a minor quibble that the name on my safe deposit box doesn't match my driver's licence. I told them to just drop my unused first name. Voila! The problem disappeared. Well, Voila again, the problem has reappeared and has brought reinforcements. Who knew a 'minor change' would, two months later lead to the State's sudden decision that all other things being the same, Norma Claire M. and Claire M. are 2 different people.

So now I have to spend tomorrow scrambling to get $$ into my account before my automatic mortgage deduction, utilities, and everything else I have on automatic payment, hits my account. The fun starts on Monday when my mortgage comes due.

Funny - I bought barrels for my garden, now it seems, if I can't get the State Controller's Office to see reason, I may wind up needing the things for day wear.

Uh... pardon me... does this barrel make my arse look fat?

[Management is happy to report, that on checking with the State Controller's Office, and after going on line to see for one's self, Ms. Claire's cash is where it belongs -in the #$&% bank. An unsettling question remains of why the EFF the letter, that began this Tempest in a Teapot, was mailed to Claire in the first place.

Hearty thanks to the head of the Payroll at the Controller's office, Ms. R., without whom by now Ms. Claire would have torn out the remaining vestigial bits of her hair.]

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