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Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Night Out with the OTHER Girls

Last night, I dragged my friend Jeannie off to see the musical La Cage Au Folles at the Davis Musical Theater Company.

No - let me make this perfectly clear - last night I dragged a kicking and screaming, culture resistant, potentially 'ex' friend Jeannie, to see a musical.

Despite her efforts to maintain a stoic mind set and gloomy disapproval, the girl actually enjoyed the musical! True, she grumbled that I had dragged her off to what she called a 'he-she' spectacular, but still, she laughed and even managed a bit of applauded now and again - that is, when she couldn't retrain herself. Jeannie normally only enjoys movies, and only those in which things blow up and people get shot.

Anyway, after the play I was surprised to find out Jeannie had not only never been to a musical, but she had never been to ANY type of play - eh-vah! Not even one of her two kids, dressed up as a dancing carrot in a kindergarten play. What is our culture coming to?

I've decided the next time Lion King comes to town her entire family is going. Honestly, I figure if Jeannie enjoyed such a low key, non-professional performance, she'd likely really enjoy one of the splashier Music Circus or Convention Center productions - especially a guaranteed crowd pleaser like Lion King. Hum... who knows, maybe someday I'll drag her arse off to see Les Miserable! Dare I dream?


  1. Have you seen La Cage aus Folles II the movie. Subtitled, more tramatic then the musical

  2. Yes, I saw it but that was eons ago. I really loved the American remake of it with Nathan Lane & Robin Williams. I was stunned cause I expected it to be crap compared to the French version, but it was pretty good.

  3. I have try and get to that one. thanks.