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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bad Egg Juju

Bugger. I swear - every time I decide it's time to clean up and declutter, the exact opposite happens. Stuff leaps out of drawers and closets and spreads itself around. Sometimes it gets worse as other aspects of my life wiggle out of control. So far this week I've dropped two eggs (on two different days). Then I made hard boiled eggs only they ended up soft boiled - very messy to open a 'hard boiled' egg and discover rampant runniness. So to say the least, this week my 'egg juju' really sucks.

And that's not all folks - the effing Governator just decided to revive the ailing state budget by closing a lot of State Parks, which includes the State Indian Museum where I've been a docent since 1999. EFFING GOVERNOR!

Hum... I think I'm going through a wee bit of bad luck just now. Am I concerned though? Hell no. I know my luck has already turned around. A few days ago I woke to a pungent odor - happily it didn't come from me, but still, the house smelled - uh... pungent. I got up and discovered the stove was on from the previous night when I baked a chicken. 'No big deal', I thought, and turned off the oven. That evening on closer examination I discovered a tea towel, burned to a crisp, on the stove top! So, since the tea towel burned up but managed to not turn my house into a towering inferno, I can assume my luck has taken a turn for the better. Yeah, probably - I haven't dropped any eggs in days.

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