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Baltimore by the Sea

Saturday, September 01, 2007


It's nice to know the founding fathers can still pack 'em in! Tonight I was surprised what a large audience assembled to see 1776. It was the last of the Music Circus productions for the season. It was interesting to realize the compromises haggled over to get the leaders of the 13 original States to shut the hell up, adopt a constitution & declare independence. These days our leaders are haggling over who did or did not adopt a 'wide stance' in an airport restroom. I'd love to see a musical about that.

While I was out, Jeannie et al. come by for a dip in the pool. I'm sorry I missed them but as hot as it's been I'm sure they'll be by again. We dodged the bullet as the summer has been relatively swelter free. Unfortunately the weather went 180 in the opposite direction and now the weather has gone Sierra Leon hot and there's now't for it but a dip in the pool.

[God grant us strength - Management will not cooperate with this thinly veiled charade. A dip in the pool? As if! Ms Miller has not set one fat toe in the pool in several years. Why? Is it not clean, cool and refreshing? Yes, as a matter of fact it is. Then why hasn't Ms Miller partaken of its cool waters for the occasional dip? Who the hell knows! If it were for the occasional dipping of friends the poor pool would go completely unused. Abominable situation and Management is at a loss to explain why. If anyone has any light to shed on the situation please inform us, because Management is effing clueless. ]

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