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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Missed the first two plays of the Music Circus season (don't ask) but should catch the last few. Last night I saw Annie - the musical based on the comic strip. I'd say it was an ancient strip, but I remember it from my childhood so I'll shut-the-eff-up. The most memorable thing about Annie was I seldom see so many little girls all in one place. Everyone and their mother brought along their ensie daughters, nieces, friend's daughters, & any other creature in mary-janes and a frilly dress they could get stuff into a car. On the other hand, little boys however were in very short supply; don't think I saw two all evening.

Great little play, it was nicely performed and the lead kid, Annie had a tremendous voice. One of the other ushers suggested the young actress was actually a 45 year old torch singer stuffed into a kid's suit costume. For me the main thing about Annie the musical is - no surprise here - the music. My favorite is the tough Hard Knock Life, and the runner-ups being Something was Missing and Maybe, both of which get me all misty. Oh, and mustn't forget Sandy the dog (a male dog). Sandy was played by a big old bitch mutt named Lola. With a name like that, old Lola was bound to end up on the stage.


  1. Flippant Comment #1:

    I still chuckle when I think about Carol Burnett's gutsplitter role as Hannigan in the '81 screen version...


    (Yes, as in Stuckeycrew: Hi, Claire...)

  2. Hi back at 'cha Bryan! Welcome. Come on in and set a spell. Take your shoes off.

    Yes, I loved Carol in that! She'll always be my favourite Hannigan, belting out 'Little Girls'. HAHAHAHA!

    Y'all come back now, hear? : D