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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Honored Elders Day - 2007

Early in the morning just after setting up

'Big Head' Dancers performing for the elders of the Indian community

The Women dancers

Hurrah! It's all over; made it through another year to Honored Elder's Day at the California State Indian Museum. It was fun, but geeze, it was hot out. Due to a couple of LARGE and showy ads in the local papers, 'everyone and their Mama' (as I heard one of the kids say) showed up to enjoy the dance groups and the essential two effs - food and fun.

I showed up early this morning to help with passes for the cars of those who brought the elders to the event and so I could help get onto the tables the centerpieces I've be whining about all week. I'd been frantic, thinking the feathers would look like crap but actually, once I got the poofy feather stuff around the base of the feathers, they actually looked all right.

Tah Dah!

All in all I was satified.

Must mention, I standing in the back yard of the museum earlier today, after setting up and THUMP! I was hit on the head hard. I rubbed the sore spot on my head while frantically looked around to see who thought thumping me was a good idea. Then I looked up. I was under the huge oak tree and realized an acorn had landed my noggin. It seems Earth Mother was sending me a message, which I think was for me to get over myself.

I mean, yes, I made the feather thingie and the placemats. But someone else donated the giant abalone shells and someone else donated bundles of white sage, and Ranger Connie brought in a big jar of acorns and I guess in the end it wasn't all about me.

Yes Earth Mother, your message was loud and clear. Thank you; I needed that.


  1. I love you, Claire! I needed to see those pictures and hear that narative. Thank you for the laugh you always provide, Friend (I almost spelled Fiend - uh-oh, Fraudian slip there).

    K Lynn

    P/S - I love the table decorations. And your photography makes them look "very professional".

  2. T saw your pics (loved 'em!) and when I said "She's so funny", T said "And what's funniest is that you can hear her voice..."

    K Lynn