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Thursday, May 31, 2007

One Honored Elder's Day Coming Right Up!

I am back from Minnesota.

I should be liberally deluging this site with photos and tales. but nope. Instead I am frantically getting centerpieces ready for this year's Honored Elder's Day at the State Indian Museum.

Yes, I was equally frantic pre-vacation and did not get the centerpieces completed before I left. Well, heck, I only had a six month warning, and me being the Queen Mother of Procrastination...
At first I planned adorable little paper mache grinding rocks & stones, sprayed with faux stone paint, surounded by beautiful silk oak leaves, genuine acorns and even some ground acorn meal in the bowl of each grinding stone. Lovely thought, right?

It dawned on me eventually it would take me longer than a day or two to construct 20 paper mache grinding rocks and my later idea of spray painting store bought styrofoam', was equally down the loo. Have you any more idea than I had how much crafts stores charge for the stuff we routinely toss away whenever we buy appliances?
Honestly, from now on I'm going to think of styrofoam as poofy-gold. And the bit about silken faux oak leaves? HELLO! Stores do not carry faux oak leaves just because I thought of the idea.
GAK! New idea necessary, ASAP.

So I thought, how's about a 3-D representation of the State Indian Museum's emblem: three eagle feathers? How simple! How elegant! how creative! How simple is that?

I raced to a craft store. Discovery; faux eagle feathers were priced like - you guessed it - avian gold. Resorted to purchasing snowy white turkey feathers which I figured I could paint with black tips. So, here I am, in possession of a b'jillion black tipped turkey feathers that... leave black dye on your fingertips. DUGH!

Woe is me.

Lovely vacation photos will damned well just have to wait until after Saturday. If I don't take up a hand full of feathers and try giving myself a flying lesson off the roof.



  1. Can't cut styrofoam,very difficult. Claire-Bear.BK,NY

  2. Yep! I'd need a hack saw and a grenade. : D