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Monday, March 05, 2007

Attack of the Reluctant Green Thumb

The pool has reverted into a primeval soup. I turned on the filter system and dumped in a couple of shock treatments but what is really needed is to clean the filter basket. Unfortunately the manufacturers of the pump system seemed to think home owners have trained & amiable anthropoid apes on board. It would take such a gorilla to open the lid to get at the filter basket. If a woman had designed the thing it would only take a leveraged handle and touch of elbow grease to open, but noooo - a guy designed it; only a gorilla on steroids could twist open the damned filter lid.

Aside from the pool, the back yard is looks wonderful sort of o.k. The brown-shirted, hobnail-booted, goose-stepping German Iris are sending up invading hords of shoots. I intend to uproot and donate them to gardeners at work who might enjoy huge chocolate Iris blooms. Myself, I prefer more colorful blooms.

yes, my garden is a bit of a disaster

I blew it again. Was at Target and could not resist the call of flower seeds - assorted sunflowers, butterfly-colored snapdragons, golden coreopsis and some ciantro too boot. Hopefully I'll actually plant them. Some weeks ago I gave away a large stash of aged flower seed to an Internet buddy. Obviously in possesion of a green thumb, she got most of those seeds to sprout. I'm hoping I can manage to get my fresh seeds out of the paper envelope and into the soil; Stay tuned.

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