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Monday, January 01, 2007

HAPPY 2007!

A Good Thing: I have not been in much of a writing mood but I intend to write more in 2007. Today’s good enough for a start.

A Bad Thing: Starting the year off with an unsocial move; turning down an invite to visit Barb and all, in Castroville (Monterey) for the New Year’s weekend. Instead I chose to hunker down, at home.

A Good Thing: 2/3 of the occupants at Barb's came down with the flu. Dang good thing I stayed home.

Jury's Out: For the second day in a row I have the fireplace going full blast. I love getting a good fire going. The log coals get so hot that each new log tossed on bursts into flames and it’s SNAP, CRACKLE, POP! Scads of glorious heat waves traversing the living room. I'm keeping the thermostat at 55 degrees again this winter. There is reason to believe I am likely the number one pollutant of the air quality in Fair Oaks. Tough ta-ta’s.

Just now I have three deer/elkskin drums lined up in front the fire. I’ve been told by Indian drummers that heating a drum changes its pitch. My drums all have poor pitch; sounding rather like they've been kicked in the nuts instead of sounding deep and sonorous as though well fortified with testosterone.

I made three of my four hand drums. They look lovely, but sound pitiful. So far, heating them and wetting down the surfaces did little to change their pitch. They still sound more like toy pianos than baby grands. Bugger.

New Year's Resolution - Get Fit: I was feeling rather proud of myself, exercising 30 minutes, three times a week. I decided to read the spread in Oprah's magazine on getting fit & discovered on a scale of zero to 5 on Bob Greene's 'Do You Move Your Arse?' scale, my 3 times a week only amounted to a paltry '2'.

How can so much pride and sweat only amount to a pissy little two points?

For getting into and maintaining one's shape, Greene (Op's fitness trainer) recommends exercising 6 days a week. That pissed me off, because that is what I had concluded for myself some months ago on my own, but now can't do without HIM getting all the credit. I know, I know, but you wouldn't understand why that annoys me. I haven't yet begun to exercise the additional three days per week. I have to pout and sulk for a bit more first. I have given myself a good deal of leeway before I expect myself to cave into fitness via actual movement - as opposed to fitness by imagining myself moving. I am shooting for a month of exercising 4 times a week for the month of January (3 days at Curves, one day jogging 30 minutes on my treadmill) , followed by exercising 5 times a week in February, and reaching full fitness exercising 6 days a week ( 180 minutes a week) in March.

I would like to find some excuse to progress at a much slower pace but honestly - I'm dragging this out as long as I can as it is. I'm not the least bit worried that I won't achieve my goal. I'm great at pattern forming; I took to my Curves exercise routine like an obese duck to water. I am going to actually achieve my fitness goals in 2007.

I have no idea why the very idea of achieving such a good goal is so dang scary - but it is. I mean, what's next? A sucessful & solvent household budget? EEEEEPPP!

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