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Saturday, June 10, 2006

An OMG sort of day

Woke yesterday with fat face & fat feet - a new one from the endless collection of maladies of Earth Mother, whose sense of humour is awesome. I suspect the swelling was because I slept with the window open and had allergens blowing over myself all night long. Lovely.

Anyway, what the hell! I took the day off, using up a holiday credit. Mostly I felt like crap but I worked on constructing the second entertainment center tower.

Barbara drove up from Castroville and was exhausted when she got here. From her house to Gilroy (the garlic capital of the known Universe) takes a half hour - yesterday afternoon it took an hour and a half - a bit of traffic. So her drive up was hellacious and she isn't like me, she doesn't really enjoy driving to begin with.

Later this morning when we're up & dressed we head up to Grass Valley, the liberal-hippy-backwoods-survivalist center of California for our 6th Annual Hen Party at Fran & Mark's house. Sitting here pre-coffee I'm just not all that thrilled about it but I guess I'll be more in the spirit of the thing later. There will perhaps be pictures IF I can manage to get them out of my camera (long story there).